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Barcode Scanning for Access Control

Posted on: 9/24/2014 | Source: Datalogic Website


Long lines into a stadium, theater, museum, or other venue are a hassle for everyone and can put a sour start to what is supposed to be an exciting event.  To prevent this, event organizers are turning to electronic ticketing and bar code scanning. With bar code tickets, entry staff process hundreds or thousands of tickets quickly and accurately. This provides great customer and helps keep event organizers profitable.

Event organizers automate the ticketing process for multiple reasons:

  • Provide the fastest service possible to assure customer satisfaction.
  • Collect real-time customer activity information for crowd control
  • Guard against counterfeit tickets
  • Reduce operational expenses and increase overall efficiency

The right electronic ticketing solution combines a ticketing system networked to bar code devices at entrances. Mobile computers and handheld scanners are most often used. The selection of these devices will have enormous impact upon the success of the automated entry system.

Patrons will want the entry process to be quick and easy with almost instantaneous read and validation of the bar code. Event staff will want a device that won’t make them tired after scanning thousands of tickets. The devices must communicate reliably on a wireless network, and have the battery power to scan the entire shift.

Datalogic has a complete suite of devices that are ideal for electronic ticketing including mobile computers such as the Lynx™, Memor™ X3, and Skorpio X3™ devices and the PowerScan™ industrial handheld scanner. These devices have specific features applicable to bar code ticket scanning. Features such as:

  • Digital imagers that read 1D and 2D bar codes in any orientation
  • Omnidirectional reading on mobile device screens
  • Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology that provides visual confirmation right on the ticket bar code
  • STAR Cordless System™ for secure cordless communications
  • Legendary ergonomics that prevent worker fatigue in scan intensive applications
  • Keypads and bright crisp displays for data entry and user interface

Electronic ticketing with bar codes is not just for large arenas and stadiums. Venues of all sizes are implementing bar code tickets that can be printed at home. For more information on devices that make electronic ticketing easy contact your local Datalogic representative.

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