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Barcode Troubleshooting: I can pair my 1911i barcode scanner to my VM1 but scanned barcodes are not get transmitted to the VM1.

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I’ve paired my Honeywell 1911i or 1981i Scanner to my VM1 Vehicle Mount computer, but when I scan a barcode, nothing gets transmitted to my VM1.  What do I do?

Typically, this happens because the 1911i/1981i scanner and VM1 are using different COM ports.  We will want them to be using the same port if they are going to be communicating with each other; the 1911i/1981i scanner typically uses COM17 to communicate so we want to make sure the VM1 is using COM17 as well.

The VM1 uses a software application called FreeFloat LinkOne as the data wedge for handling the scanned data.  To check/configure the COM port for this application, perform the following steps:

  • Go to Start > All Programs < FreeFloat Link One > Link One
    1. You may get an error message that says “Failed to open serial port COM14” – which is a good thing since it shows that it is using port COM14 rather than COM17.
    2. Tap the OK button
  • There should now be a square icon in the system tray located in the lower right hand side of your screen (most likely it will be red indicating there is a problem). Double-Tap on this icon to bring up the Freefloat LinkOne panel
  • Tap Settings
  • Go to the Communications tab and change the Port to COM17. Tap the OK button to have the changes take effect.
  • Tap the Hide button to minimize the Link One panel

You can now try scanning a barcode into Notepad