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FARGO Technical Update – Printer Obsolescence Notice

Update Number: Tech Update # 356
Product: DTC 550/DTC550-LC/C30e/DTC400e/M30e/HDP600 Cr-100
Date: October 2014
Type: Obsolescence notice

Obsolete printers: DTC550/DTC550-LC/C30e/DTC400e/M30e/HDP600Cr-100-December 15, 2014

The purpose of this Technical Update is to announce the Obsolescence of all DTC550/DTC550-LC/C30e/DTC400e/M30e/HDP600 Cr-100 printer models.

Discontinued Service: HID/FARGO Depot Repair will no longer be servicing these printers after December 15, 2014. Also, HID Technical Support will no longer be issuing RMA’s for these printers (No exceptions).

Accessing Printer and Technical Support: Support for these obsolete printers will be available only through the designated HID website and/or from a HID/FARGO Authorized Service Provider (ASP).

Accessing Spare Parts: Please forecast and place your spare part order prior to December 15, 2014. Spare parts are limited so please place your spare parts order as soon as possible. HID does not guarantee that all spare parts will be available, so please check pricing and availability when ordering.

New replacement product information: Please contact your local HID sales representative for details and information on all the latest HID/FARGO printer products that can replace these obsolete products.

Material/consumable availability: Most material/consumable part numbers will be available for purchase until further notice.

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