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HID 205 iCLASS Keys

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HID 205 iCLASS Key

This HID iCLASS contactless smart key fob is for use with 13.56MHz access control systems. These key fobs provide the convenience of a contactless smart card in a molded plastic enclosure that is durable and easily attached to a key chain or lanyard.

The iCLASS key is available in 3 different configurations – 256 Byte, 2k Byte or 4k Byte. The 256 byte configuration is available with only two application areas, however it still meets the ISO 15693 standard for contactless information transfer. This is a cost effective alternative to the other configurations.

Both the 2k byte and 4k byte configurations comes with more features, including applications in 16 areas, configurable memory, and compartmental division of applications which provide an extra layer of security. These two configurations not only complies with ISO 15693 standards, but also the ISO 14443B standard. The maximum read range for all configurations is 2.5 – 3.8cm, depending on the conditions under which the key reader was installed. They are small and compact, at only 3.43 x 3.18 x 3.84 cm and weighing in at a low 4.9g.

The available options and their corresponding base part number is shown in the table below:

Base P/N Memory/Application Areas
2050 2K bit (256 Byte)
2051 16K bit (2K Bytes) with 2 application areas
2052 16K bit (2K Bytes) with 16 application areas
2053 32K bit (4K Bytes) 16K/2 + 16K/1
2054 32K bit (4K Bytes) 16K/16 + 16K/1

All 16k bit (2K Byte) and 32k bit (4K Byte) iCLASS credentials have the following features:

• Sufficient read/write memory to store multiple biometric templates.
• 16k available in a two or sixteen application area configuration.
• 32k available with 16k memory configured in either 2 or 16 application areas, plus an additional 16k user configurable memory space.

Typical maximum* read range

• R10 2″ (5.1 cm)
• RP15 1 3/4″ (4.6 cm)
• R30/RW300 2 1/4″ (5.9 cm)
• R40/RW400 2 3/4″ (7.0 cm)
• RK40/RWk400 2″ (5.1 cm)
• RP40 2 1/2″ (6.6 cm)
* Dependent upon installation conditions.


1.555 x 1.25 x 0.235 inches max
(3.95 x 3.18 x 0.60 cm)

Keyfob Construction

Ultrasonically welded ABS Shell with TPE insert

Memory Type

* EEPROM, read/write
* Multi-application Memory
* 2k bit (256 Byte)
* 16k bit (2k Byte)
* 32k bit (4k Byte)




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