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HID EasyLobby Visitor Management Solutions

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HID EasyLobby Visitor Management

The HID EasyLobby SVM (Secure Visitor Management) solution is designed for organizations looking for a visitor management solution to better track people entering and exiting their facility. While handwritten paper logs are quick and easy, they provide minimum security and their weaknesses are often most underscored at the worst possible time.

There are many benefits to this web-based visitor management system. These benefits range from giving your organization a more professional appearance to the ability to quickly identify who is in your facility in an emergency situation. Key benefits include:

  • Keeping visitor information confidential (anyone can read the paper log sheet)
  • Streamlining enrollment with pre-registration and/or self-registration options. Approvals can be optionally routed to ensure proper approval
  • Providing additional safeguards by screening against internal watch lists and external databases (e.g. felony and sex offender watch lists)
  • Conducting analysis/reporting on visitor data, quickly and easily. You can even create an emergency evacuation report with a single click and share a list of all individuals in the building at a given time with fire, police and emergency response personnel.
  • Printing high-quality, full color, professional-looking badges, customized by visitor type.
  • Additional features are available for managing and tracking packages, assets, parking, conference rooms and employees all from a single application.

From a technical standpoint, the EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM™) software can be used for processing visitors via any number of Windows workstations that share a central SQL Server or Oracle database.

  • EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management software is the backbone of our system. This software is used for processing visitors via any number of Windows workstations that share a central SQL Server or Oracle database.
  • EasyLobby Administrator software is an enterprise-class, central administration solution that provides database administration and real-time monitoring and reporting functions.
  • EasyLobby eAdvance software is a Web-based application, tightly integrated with SVM enabling authorized employees to pre-register visitors before they arrive. Pre-registrations can also be automatically routed to a manager for further approval.
  • EasyLobby Satellite software is an ideal solution for controlling and monitoring visitor entry and exit at multiple internal locations, or “check points.” With this software, the barcoded badge printed by SVM is scanned, then the Satellite station, or handheld wireless PDA displays the visitor record with an Entry Approved or Entry Denied message, and time stamps their entry and exit.
  • Access Control Integration software is designed for granting card access via proximity, barcode or mag-stripe to any visitors, or contractors directly from the SVM interface. EasyLobby SVM is tightly integrated with over 40 leading access control systems.
  • EasyLobby eKiosk Web-based software enables you to turn any Apple iPad or tablet computer into a self-registration station for visitors.
  • EasyLobby Mobile solutions are a family of software products pre-loaded onto handheld wireless devices to make it easier and more efficient to control and manage people, assets and packages in mobile, remote locations such as guard gates.
  • Annual Maintenance/Support option offers added protection and peace of mind with free software updates and upgrades, and unlimited phone and/or email support.
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