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HID Global “One Card” Smart-Card Solutions To Support Higher Education Needs

These days, educational institutions are facing a decrease budgets and are trying to cut back on expenses through all of their departments. Due to this, universities and colleges are trying to keep their properties as safe and as cost-effective as humanly possible. On top of that, all these schools have their own unique standards and regulations they must follow. This doesn’t allow much room for traditional methods of security. Luckily, HID Global has solutions and services for educational institutions that are affordable and will protect the people who need to be protected such as the staff, students, and faculty.

HID Smart CardsAccording to many studies, today’s popular universities & colleges use magstripe cards as one of their main security measures. It’s clear that this doesn’t work because many students can create fake student ID cards rather easily. This is clearly a breach in security but it can easily be fixed by migrating to contactless (high frequency) smart cards. These are cost-effective in the long term, less maintenance, and most importantly, more secure.

Not know where to start your transition shouldn’t really be a valid excuse. It’s easier than what most people may think. Colleges and universities can easily keep their pre-existing student ID and numbering systems as they transition to a contactless smart card platform like HID Blobal’s OMNIKE readers. People seriously shouldn’t worry about setting this up because HID Global will instruct you through the entire process.

This type of technology allows for flexibility in the future. Students and staff will be able to open doors with their smart phones. Of course this is secure with its mutual authentication and cryptographic protection functions with passcodes. On top of all of that, many types of data types can be supported such as cashless payments, access control, and biometrics. Mr. Chandler states that this is technology for today’s world and tomorrow’s.HID Smart Cards

When thinking about a university setting or college campus, people fail to realize that faculty, staff, and students aren’t the only people that are on the campus. There are many visitors every day whether it is family or friends. Some of these people should have access to some of the access control systems. Visitor registration is among the top security measures that should be done. HID Global’s visitor management systems will really come in handy at this point with their time-tested and field-proven system. It will help mitigate the cost of theft, unauthorized guests and vandalism.

These cards really get you the most value for your time and money. Security in a university or college is one of the most important responsibilities. Smart card technology ensures the delivery of the highest security possible through mediums such as contactless smart cards. I now will some a couple of examples of the different applications that will increase the value of contactless campus smart cards. The cards can be used to open dorm rooms and doors. The cards allow people to make meal plans and cashless payments. They allow parking facilities to function safely and reliably. These cards can protect areas that need to be protected such as offices, storage rooms, or deposits for highly valued items. All these examples are just a few of the many applications for smart cards.


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