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Hospital Wristband Printers

Hospitals have learned that positive patient identification is the foundation of patient safety. As such, we recommend the user of Zebra label printers for building long-lasting wristbands that stay on the patient and remain readable after repeated use and extended treatments.

  • Zebra printers and Z-Band wristbands provide a convenient, one-step solution for patient IDs. Text, graphics, and bar codes are produced directly on the wristband in a single pass. There is no need for handwritten or typed inserts, or stick-on labels, which saves time and eliminates a potential point of failure.
  • A Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) National Patient Safety Goal calls for two forms of patient identification on the wristband. Zebra wristband solutions can easily satisfy this requirement, and can encode patient information in bar codes and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to comply with HIPAA privacy requirements.
  • Lost, damaged, and illegible wristbands contribute to many errors. Z-Band materials are formulated to prevent these problems. Used with Zebra’s printers they produce top quality, long lasting images and resist exposure to alcohol, soaps, water, moisture, X-rays, and other hazards that can ruin wristbands. Z-Band wristbands are available in youth and adult sizes in a variety of colors for comfortable, convenient patient identification.
  • RFID encoded wristband data can be read through bed linens, so patients don’t have to be disturbed when sleeping. They can be used with fixed readers in doorways and corridors, to help staff keep track of ambulatory patients.

Zebra Wristband on HandZebra Wristband Printers

If you are just getting started with wristband printing, contact us about our Zebra Healthcare Wristband Starter kit which allows hospitals and other facilities to provide automated ID verification for boosting efficiency and accuracy. Our Healthcare Wristband Starter kit includes everything you need to start generating wristbands with crisp, clear bar codes that scan reliably and accurately.  Start improving patient safety and privacy while enhancing the efficiency of workplace processes with our starter kit which includes the following:

  • Zebra H2824-Z Desktop Direct Thermal Printer
  • Pre-installed 2″ Media Guide Adapter
  • Full Roll of Zebra Adult-size Z-Band® Direct Thermal wristbands which meet healthcare patient ID and safety goals (JCAHO) by eliminating the risk of data left on ribbons (HIPAA) and preventing medication and blood transfusion errors (FDA). These wristbands are also available with UV varnish, which provides excellent chemical resistance for printed information.