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How To Add Prefix or Suffix Characters When Scanning a Barcode on a Dolphin 75e or CT50 Android handheld

The following steps can be used to program your Dolphin 75E or CT50 Android handheld computer to add a prefix and/or suffix when scanning a barcode:

  1. Tap Apps Icon
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Scanning
  4. Tap Defaults
  5. Tap Data Processing Settings
  6. Tap Prefix Key or Suffix Key
  7. Enter one of the following values:
  8. Key To Send Char Sequence
     <LF> or <ENTER>  ‘\x0A’ or ‘\n’
     <CR>  ‘\x0D’ or ‘\r’
     <TAB>  ‘\x09’ or ‘\t’
     <CTRL-BACKSLASH>  ‘\x1c’
  9. You may also need set the value of Wedge as Keys to ‘9,10,13’
  10. Tap OK to save the change.
  11. Reboot the device for the options to be installed.
  12. Test in application to make sure the cursor advances to the line below or to the next input field.