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Motorola Introduces MC18 Personal Shopper Mobile Computer

Posted on: 6/9/2014 | Source: Motorola
Motorola MC18


The MC18 personal shopper solution is a smartphone-style, state-of-the-art mobile computer that transforms the shopping experience. As the next generation self-scanning solution, the MC18 enables retail shoppers to easily and conveniently scan items as they shop, saving time and avoiding the need to wait in lines at checkout. Retail shoppers can also receive discount coupons, as well as suggestions for complementary items.

The MC18 also features the PowerPrecision+ battery, a new higher capacity battery only from Motorola Solutions that provides enough power for 45 minutes of shopping with just 15 minutes of charging. The intelligent PowerPrecision+ battery delivers advanced state of health and state of charge information—improving device management and ensuring that cradles are always filled with ready-to-use devices.

Unlike a consumer-grade smartphone, the MC18 delivers true enterprise-class scanning, with fast and dependable capture of virtually every bar code on every item. As a result, shoppers will spend less time in the store, will buy more and will save more—which boosts both customer satisfaction and sales.


Many of today’s supermarket retailers are developing applications that shoppers can use on their own smartphones for self-scanning of items as they shop. However, the MC18 offers multiple advantages over these smartphone applications:

  • Better scanning
    • Faster scanning speed than smartphones
    • Better accuracy—smartphones can’t read damaged, scratched, dirty or poorly printed bar codes
    • Users can scan with a single, one button press vs. unlocking the smartphone, entering a password, launching an app, aiming and scanning
  • Better wireless coverage and connection quality
    • Enterprise-class devices have more robust connections to in-store Wi-Fi networks than smartphones
  • Better battery usage
    • A single 45-minute shopping trip can easily drain 30% of a smartphone’s battery vs. enterprise-class devices which are designed from the ground up to draw low power