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Wireless Broadband Solutions

Broadband is today’s communications gold standard. Virtually everybody wants it, but reaching users, whether customers or colleagues, with secure, reliable, cost-effective broadband service has been an enormous challenge. The process of designing, installing, integrating, maintaining and extending complex broadband networks has been costly and time-consuming.

Mobile ID Solutions, Inc is a leading Systems Integrator of 3G /4G and Wireless Broadband solutions who has a record of delivering Return On Investment for our clients. With thousands of devices deployed in both fixed and mobile applications, Mobile ID Solutions has become a valuable business problem-solver and can be depended upon to untangle complex deployments issues to deliver one of the best wireless products and service at the most reasonable cost.


Our experience in wireless broadband technology enables us to take the headache out of the hardware evaluation process. From conducting a full technical and business audit to determine your requirements, to selecting the right service provider, Mobile ID will work with you to ensure you have the best solution for your needs.

  • Analysis of all your business needs
  • Pre-Enginerring Support
  • Technology selection and vendor liaison
  • Thorough product testing
  • VPN and Network integration
  • A comprehensive wireless solution

With Mobile ID Solutions as your implementation partner, you can rely on experts to guide you through every stage of the process, from rollout to go live. Our commitment and knowledge will ensure that any problems are resolved quickly, without the need to employ expensive, short-term staff for the duration of the project.

  • Task scheduling and prioritization
  • Site preparation
  • Staff training
  • On-site installation

Mobile ID Solutions has a large build and test area where our highly-qualified engineers can focus on the configuration and customization of products to meet your precise requirements. This helps to ensure your hardware is fully operable from the moment it arrives on site, minimizing costly delays.

  • Staging and kitting
  • Product configuration
  • Network integration
  • Functional testing