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Zebra AVS – Do You Know Where Your Mobile Computers Are?

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Zebra AVS Dashboard
One of the coolest products that we’ve seen for managing small-to-medium size deployments of mobile computers (less than 250 devices) is Zebra’s Asset Visibility Service, also known as AVS. This tool can show you the location, condition, health, and/or usage patterns of your Zebra mobile computing devices and is a low touch, entry level, self-service (Saas) product designed for warehouses / distribution centers, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and retail environments.

A picture is a thousand words so take a look at the dashboard below to see some of the key features which include:

Zebra AVS Dashboard
  1. Seeing how many active devices you have at each you location. For instance, you can instantly see how many MC9200 handhelds you have at each of your warehouse locations
  2. Knowing which devices are out of contract? Do you have MC75A mobile computers where their service contract has expired?
  3. Tracking which devices are being repaired? How long has your MC67 handheld computer been out for repair

And, the cost is relatively inexpensive – a 3-year contract (minimum) works out to just $2.65 per month per device.

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