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Motorola MC55 Mobile Computers

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Zebra (Motorola) MC55 Handheld Computer

With the MC55, Motorola introduces a whole new level of flexibility and functionality to pocket sized digital assistants. The MC55 packs the power of a cell phone, camera, walkie-talkie, bar code reader and a mobile computer into a rugged device with sleek style and ergonomics. It increases productivity while streamlining tasks.

Measuring 5.78 inches x 3.03 inches x 1.06 inches and weighing 11.1 oz., the MC55 offers WLAN as well as Bluetooth for seamless connectivity while supporting data rates up to 54 Mbps. Running the Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic operating system, the device comes equipped with a 2400 mAh battery which gives it a standby time of 100 hours and talk-time of 6 hours. It also comes with an optional 3600 mAh upgrade and supports expandable memory storage of up to 16GB via microSD card.

The 2-MP autofocus high resolution color camera with flash meets the needs of workers who need to capture images. The 2D imager is convenient for capturing barcodes, signatures as well as photographs of products. Designed to support voice as well as data, the MC55 includes functionalities such as full duplex voice, Push-To-Talk, 1-to-1 calls as well as instant communications as a walkie-talkie. In addition to this, speakerphone and Bluetooth headset modes allow convenience and flexibility to meet the requirements of various jobs. The device also comes equipped with a highly accurate GPS chipset which provides users with best-in-class location based services.

The Motorola MC55 is a rugged device and can endure 4 feet drops onto concrete while also meeting and exceeding MIL-STD810G specifications. The MC55 can be tailored to specific needs thanks to its extensive line of accessories. The magnetic stripe reader facilitates on-the-spot processing of magnetic cards. The Motorola MC55 is a cost-justifiable and scalable addition to ever-changing mobility needs of any business.

The Motorola MC55 may also be referred to as the Symbol MC55 as Motorola acquired Symbol in 2006; it may also be referred to as the Zebra MC55 as Zebra then acquired the enterprise mobility business from Motorola in 2014.

Powerful microprocessor designed for mobility: The Marvell PXA320 @ 806 MHz provides best-in-class application performance coupled with ubiquitous mobility inside the enterprise – even on the most demanding multi-media applications

The memory to support any application: 256MB RAM/1GB Flash and a user accessible microSD card slot with support up to 32GB provide the memory space required to enable robust performance for database and other processing intensive applications

The most advanced mobile operating system for the enterprise: Microsoft’s Windows 6.5 Mobile Edition increases interoperability with existing enterprise infrastructure; enhances security features; provides a more flexible development platform; improves mobile messaging collaboration

Protects your application investments: Support for Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility Developer Kit (EMDK) APIs preserves existing application investments by enabling easy and cost-effective porting of applications from other Motorola mobile computers

Works on virtually any wireless LAN: The 802.11a/b/g tri-mode radio connects to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WLANs for cost-effective voice and data connectivity in the office and hot spots; 802.11a (5GHz band) support enables segmentation of voice traffic to ensure voice quality

The most advanced Bluetooth functionality: Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR provides a wireless connection to more device types, including modems, printers, headsets and more; simplifies pairing; improves security; reduces power consumption; supports either Microsoft or Stonestreet stacks

Physical and Environmental Characteristics

Dimensions: 9.1 in. X 3.6 in. x 7.6 in. (23.1 cm x 9.1 cm x 19.3 cm)
Weight: 27 oz./765 g (includes battery)
Keyboard: 28-, 43- and 53-key; Terminal Emulation (5250, 3270, VT)
Display: 3.7 in VGA color
Power: Removable, rechargeable 7.2 volt Lithium Ion 2200 mAh battery pack, 15.8 watt hours

Performance Characteristics

CPU: Marvell PXA320 processor at 806 MHz
Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 or Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic
Memory: (RAM/ROM) 256MB/1GB
Expansion: SD/MMC Card
App Development: PSDK and EMDK available through Motorola Support Central Web site
Data Capture: Options SE960: 1D standard range scan engine
• SE1524-ER: 1D extended range scan engine reads up to 45 ft./13.72 m away
• SE4500: Omnidirectional 1D/2D imaging engine reads 1D and 2D symbols
• SE4600: Extended range omnidirectional
• 1D/2D imaging engine reads 1D and 2D symbols as close as 8 in./20.32 cm and as far as 30 ft./9.14 m
• SE4500-DL: 1D/2D DL imaging engine reads all 1D and 2D codes as well as the PDF codes found on driver’s licenses and other identification documents
• SE4500-HD: 1D/2D DPM imaging engine reads a wide variety of DPM marks on metal, plastic and glass surfaces, including: dot preening, laser etching, molding, stamping or casting

User Environment

Operating Temp.: -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)
Charging Temp.: 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
Storage Temp.: -40° C to 70° C (-40° F to 158° F)
Humidity: 5% to 95% non condensing (Condensation Resistant Configurations Available)
Drop Spec: Multiple drops to concrete: 6 ft./1.8 m across the operating temperature range; meets and exceeds MIL-STD 810G
Tumble Spec: 2,000 3.28 ft./1 m tumbles at room temperature (4,000 hits) per IEC Tumble Specification
Sealing: IP64 (electronic enclosure, display and keypad) per IEC Sealing Specification
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): ±15kVdc air discharge; ±8kVdc direct discharge; ±8kVdc indirect discharge

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